DJ Paris Hilton Brings the House Down in Brazil

This column should probably start with a warning: It is NOT a hoax. Paris Hilton took to the turntables in Sao Paulo, Brazil this weekend. The millionaire heiress tried her hand at deejaying, unleashing club mixes during the Pop Music Festival. Well, she wasn’t doing the actual mixing. She had assistants who kept cleaning up after her.
If the music wasn’t that loud, it might have been possible to hear raucous laughter at the tragedy that was unfolding. She kept attempting to act like she knew what she was doing, throwing her hand into the air and sashaying around the set. As always, she was dressed in a super sexy outfit, resplendent in diamond-encrusted DJ headphones.

paris hilton dj
At some point, it all came crashing down when she introduced her latest release, “Afrojack” but accidentally cued Rihanna’s song. It went from bad to worse as she attempted to drown it with her own song. Let us hope she does some practice before her next show.

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