Do I See Any Wedding Bells For Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds?


it looks like that Blake Lively is living an interesting love story with Ryan Reynolds for the moment,and she would like also to get an engagement ring if that was maybe too much!

The big issue is that Ryan is not currently decided yet if he wants another marriage,you know what happened to him a while ago.

He is totally right,marriage is really an important decision in life and if you mess up,you pay the consequences.

For now Ryan is glad being in movie ‘Safe House’ and collects the credit along with Denzel Washington.

Blake Lively also plays in Gossip Girl as Serena van der Woodsen,and her journey reaches new subjects and new conquests.Currently Dan Humphrey,as Lonely Boy is on top of her list..

For most of the those who have a public life,this means more than anything,and getting intimate decisions are something way harder..

XoXo Gossip GIrl.

Photo credit : Paul Smith / Featureflash/Crestock

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