Do you think that Amy Winehouse will ever quit drinking?

Amy Winehouse

I believe this is a fair question that we are keep doing it to ourselves till we will find the correct answer.It has been told to Amy that if she keeps doing this thing,not only it will do a lot of harm to her but she will die eventually.

Knowing that something will harm you in a way or another,and it leads to a lot of consequences…will you keep doing it?

“It’s the last chance saloon for Amy,” a source said. “Doctors have come down hard on her because of the severity of her situation. It’s a harsh reality but she had to hear it.”

They are worried about her. Mitch has been down this road before during Amy’s drug addiction,” said the source. “But she is there of her own accord this time and wants to sort herself out.”

Even her name is made for this kind of stuff!



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