Do Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds dating?

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds together

Questions and questions,but where are the answers?Both of them went though bad moments generated by unappropriate relationships and here they are one in each other arms!

In Hollywood every celebrity has a relationship at every minute and everything is falling apart even faster than that!

I don’t blame Sandra and Ryan for that because I know how solitude is and they wen’t though a lot of obstacles and thanks to "The Proposal" that made them feel closer.Most of the actors say that in movies they don’t express any feelings and this couple makes you think twice and be more careful.

Here you have a statement:

Sandra would never get involved with a married man after what her ex did to her,” a source reported. “She has way too much respect for Scarlett, Ryan, the institution of marriage and herself to do that. They love spending quality time together. Who knows what will happen in the future, but any rumors of them being together and splitting up Ryan’s marriage to Scarlett are false.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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