Does swapping work in a marriage?

swapping in marriage

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With all the different alternative lifestyles out there this could be a question that many couples are wondering. Does swapping really hurt a marriage or will it add some spice into it? Really this is a question that seems like a no brainer for those people who are faithful to each other and would never think of adding in another person or couple into the bedroom.

But it is something that is done every day by many couples. It isn’t a made up thing, and there are web sites out there where you can find people advertising for another person or a couple to join them in some explicit fun.

However, this is a possible bomb waiting to explode in the face of anyone who adds in something new to their sex lives. Because often times if you are in love with a person you will experience jealousy if they are involved with another person.

Even if you are able to separate the fact that sex and love are two different things it can come up in the bedroom. Watching your loved one touch another person could suddenly turn you into a person who is jealous and not really happy about the position that you are in.

The fact that you may not find the fact of your loved one having sex with another person is something that isn’t hard to imagine. Due to this when you decide to swap you are running a chance of a break in the links of your marriage.

In the long run there are many other things that you can do that will add in just as much if not more excitement to your bedroom, try those first.

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