Doing it Jennifer Lawrence’s Way

There is not any doubt she is stylish, modest and amazingly attractive. Jenifer Lawrence is always up to the occasion. Whether taken on the red carpet or just randomly in her daily routines, her pictures have always remained elegant. Day in, day out, she has been making it. At any time, she is trendy and there is no doubt she is a role model to many. She is a living inspiration to many young ladies and yet there are some who are green with envy. Whatever the case, she has made it and embracing it is the only way forward. But wait; how you ever stopped to think what it takes to be like her? What is it that she does that makes her steal the show every time? Just what exactly does one need to fit in her shoes; even if not that perfectly well? Well, you are to find out sooner.

jennifer lawrence miss dior

Start with the hair

Her hair is always flawless. She keeps it simple yet intact and very beautiful. If you want to be anywhere close to where she is in terms of fashion, you have no option but to do it the same way. Your hair should always be presentable. Preferably, it should be blow dried on a consistent basis. This makes it have natural waves that bring with them appealing looks. Keep the hair decent and leave aside the crazy hair styles. You have never seen her in that so you cannot be like her when you do the exact opposite.

Just enough makeup

Whoever brought make up, failed to advice most ladies that too much of it overwrites the essence? When you take a closer look at her pictures, one thing is always evident for sure; she always keep it simple when it comes to making up. She does not wear too much of it because she knows just how well it can ruin everything. Use easy techniques for a more natural look as opposed to the use of top eyeliners and exaggerated lipsticks. You do not have to overdo it. You can as well apply clear gloss and bits of mascara to create the desirable basic look. Beauty lies in nature so keeping it low when it comes to making up will make you better placed.

Stock your wardrobe with sleek ladies shoes

It is no longer in the dresses alone. Nowadays, it starts right from the foot coming upwards. Jennifer has always had this in mind and any secret admirer would confirm that to you. A lady needs good shoes that perfectly fits her kind of lifestyle. You know what works best for you as a lady so go for it. It is very rare to find her with stiletto shoes trying to gain balance on the streets. She has always done it casual whenever the opportunity presents itself because she knows that’s where here strength lies. If you have been keen, in fact, she’s always trying here best while on the red carpet with high heeled shoes because that is not her thing. So that is the number one secret of being like her; go for the right pair of shoes that awesomely suits your lifestyle and you will never go wrong!

Time to try the oversized shirts and sweaters

For those who are not deep into it, it might sound crazy or a little bit ridiculous. The truth is, however, that is what fashion is all about. It entails going out of the norm to make something weird appear decent, fashionable and trendy. On your lazy days, you can chill out with these kinds of shirts and sweaters. When going for such, look for the colors that perfectly match your fashion theme. That way, you will be safe. Such clothes can always be found amongst many retailers and shop outlets nationwide. Get a couple of them and wait for one of those lazy days and make it your fashion day!

Grab some stylish casual dresses

If you have been keen in your observations, you will admit that her dresses will almost fit every occasion. They are always very simple yet so perfect. There are lots of casual dress options that you can always go for. Provided it suits you and goes along with your style, you can consider it. Such dresses will ensure that you remain decent and presentable without necessarily looking too much official. More specifically, you can opt for the skater and mini dresses which have always been known to bring that perfect look and sense of casual style. Dresses of that kind can always be purchased online or in landmark stores. For best results, however, you can always get online and select from a variety of available options. There will always be something that perfectly suits you regardless of your taste or preference. So make the wise decision and have a couple of casual dresses in your wardrobe. They will never fail to give you that desirable look you have always wanted provided you go for the best ones around.

Time to try out designer sunglasses

J-Law, as many would call her, often tops it up all with designer sunglasses especially during summer. By doing so, she has always made the look ultra-stylish without spoiling a single thing. Who said you can never look better in such? If you have never tried this out, it might as well be the ideal time of doing it so. Go for fine selections of designer sunglasses and not just any of the random glasses. A perfect sample can be that of Michael Kors, which have always remained sleek and fashionable. They have always been in fashion and they are tending even right now. You can get one or two online at great discounts in preparation for summer. While making the purchase, you should always have your wardrobe at the back of your mind; ensuring that you only go for an accessory that will not result in a clash of design. Go for the perfect one, the have it on just at the right time. Step out and you will not believe it yourself! It starts now, with just the implementation of a single tip!

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