Doutzen Kroes L’Oreal “Casting Sunkiss Jelly” campaign

Having been featured on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Campaign, Doutzen Kroes, the Dutch’s, elegant model and promising actress, who is also a Victoria’s Secret angel, has taken into the limelight and now in a contract with L’Oreal. Starring in the brand’s latest “Casting Sunkiss Jelly”, she remains an incredibly amazing face for the brand.

doutzen kroes loreal ads

Bearing in mind her outstanding beauty and dazzling outlook, she is depicted to take after a sun goddess from the shots of the L’Oreal Paris Sunkiss Jelly Ads. She stands unperturbed at anything that could sweep her off the wind, with nothing beating up her golden hair locks and the tan in bronze. This is good enough to pass the objective of the new Casting Sunkiss Jelly of a gradual lightening and a natural sunkissed effect, probably the reason why it is subtle in its on way not to look too streaky.

Doutzen Kroes admittedly confirms that the jelly is largely reliable for all seasons when it comes to matters of creating an beautiful sunkissed effect. On the brand’s ads, it is arguably intuitive that the jelly lightens tresses no matter how long a day one has spent in the sunny beach.

Dazzling in the L’Oreal images, it is worth noting the brand’s exclusive way of advertising their products which is enriched with the high performance camellia oil which is essential to soothing and softening hair. Notwithstanding this, Doutzen’s hair also looks refreshed and revived from the integrated fruity fragrance which is an important ingredient in the Casting Sunkiss Jelly.

The L’Oreal Paris company outwardly got their right tip by engaging this supermodel in their campaign for their new jelly. The product’s image remains well instilled in the consumers minds from the campaigns by the actress. Thus, there are leads to increased sales and performance of the company in this somewhat competitive market.

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