Dress To Impress With The New Great Gatsby Collection

The 1920’s was an era where rich women dressed in fine costume and beautiful jewelry. Everything about the 1920’s spoke of glitz and glamour with no expenses spared. Men who cared for their women would treat them by buying exquisite pieces of jewelry. Wearing an expensive item of jewelry was considered a symbol of status and told people what their social class was. Such is the Great Gatsby collection by Tiffany and Co. It is a collection of jewelry that was made for the film and most of which was fabricated from scratch. Costume designer, Catherine Martin collaborated with Tiffany and Co to produce the collection.


Some of the impressive items in the jewelry collection start from around $350 upwards. One item is a beautiful hand ornament that moves elegantly with each gesture. A fantastic daisy motif made from diamonds and platinum accented with pearls brings back memories of the Jazz age trend.

The 1920’s was an age where Jazz was popular and women would love to dance whilst adorned in beautiful jewelry. Thus, the collection from Tiffany and Co concentrates largely on Jazz inspiration. Swing was also a fashion that was in vogue during the 1920’s.


The whole world is excited by the release of the Great Gatsby collection which is due to be released next month. There are also some amazing clothing items that will compliment the jewelry. Tiffany has also only just released its current Blue Book Collection.


The Savoy is a classic example of the 1920’s. This diamond and freshwater cultured pearl headband has a detachable brooch that is inspired by a Native American style. One pair of earrings in the collection is especially feminine with emerald cut aquamarines, diamonds and platinum. Any item of the collection would make the perfect gift for a loved one. Choose a beautiful ring inspired by art deco and made from tanzanites, diamonds and platinum. These items are really special and look beautiful teamed with a great costume from the Tiffany & Co. Great Gatsby Collection.

Photo credit : Tiffany & Co

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