Drew Barrymore Engaged

drew barrymore engaged

So will this New Year be something different for you? For Drew Barrymore it should be a fabulous one, she got engaged to her long time boyfriend Will Kopelman. It is said that during the season when they were away on holiday in Sun Valley Idaho, the 34 year old popped the question to the 36 year old actress.

It was actually back in 2010 when this couple first dated, but it didn’t last too long at the time, however as of last February they are said to have been a couple. While giving an interview for US earlier in this year, Barrymore was quotes as saying that she was yearning not only to have kids but to get married as well. It was close to the year mark of their dating that it is said he proposed to Drew. This is not her first marriage but will be her third, in the past she has been with the drummer of the Strokes as well as Justin Long.

This could be a great match so let’s wish them lots of happiness, in the middle of all the past news of celebrity divorces it is kind of nice to have a bit of good news mixed into it all.

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