Dustin Hoffman got paid $7.5 million for 5 days of work!

Dustin Hoffman top paid

Omg!The only think I can say about Dustin Hoffman is that he is freakin’ greedy!The director of "Little Fockers" wanted to re-shoot some scenes and of course asked again the actors to come back on scene.

“Universal decided on a re-shoot at the last minute, and Hoffman’s character was needed for some new scenes,” a source said.

“They couldn’t originally agree on terms with Hoffman, so for the reshoot he could basically name his price — which was $7.5 million for five days’ work.”

Ben Still and Robert de Niro got $20 million each,Barbra Streisand and Owen Wilson $7 million each,lastly Jessica Alba with only $3 million.

Who wants to be an actor?

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