Ed Westwick: “I’ve only been in love once – with my mom”

ed westwick

Ed Westwick says that his mother is on the top of everything!I agree with him in this,every child should love his parents and not putting them away..

Everyone knows that Ed has a girlfriend,Jessica Szohr who plays also in "Gossip Girl",one of the most popular tv serials.

“I’ve only been in love once — with my mom,” he said. “There’s only one woman in my life. Am I a mummy’s boy? Absolutely. I love her.”

“I was a 24/7 stud. It came effortlessly, girls were dripping off me,” he said.

“No, not at all. I’m joking. I was jealous of one of my friends at school because he was always dating the older, good-looking girls. That never happened to me.”

We hope he didn’t made this statement for the love of beiing on the front of the magazines,he made it simply from the bottom of his heart.There are a lot of celebs who tell it only from lack of ideas!

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