“It hardly has any underskirt panty shot”: Eiichiro Oda Won’t Let ‘One Piece’ Turn into ‘Fairy Tail’ With Cringe Fanservice

Fanservice, the self-explanatory term have been used by Illustrators and panellists for a considerable amount of time till now. However, Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece anime seems to have a different opinion on the same. Upon being asked by a fan, Oda has revealed how he thinks it is “Morally Wrong” to violate a female character’s consent by exposing her body.

Eiichiro Oda
Oda Reveals How He Thinks Excessive Fanservice Is Morally Wrong

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The Conversation

This was all revealed during an SBS or Soru-Baku-Sensei where fans can send questions to ask Oda and he will reply to them by dedicating a certain section of the volume of the manga.

In the 2018 release of volume 105, a fan asked “This question is meant seriously. One Piece often features shots where women show their chests, but it hardly ever has any underskirt panty shot. Is there some reason or policy you have for why that is the case?” To this Oda replied explaining he has seen a lot of manga since he was a child that has featured fanservice scenes, but most of the time it was against the consent of the character. He explained further how he feels fanservice should be consensual and empowering, such as when “Happiness Punch” was played out.

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Fan Reactions To Eiichiro Oda’s Answer

While what Oda said sounds morally correct, his statements still sparked controversies around the internet. Some fans have accused him of being hypocritical, referring to the scenes in the manga where female characters are shown being ogled or groped without their consent. Others have argued that Oda’s definition of “consensual fanservice” is too narrow and scenes where he has portrayed female characters in revealing clothes can be objectifying and harmful.

Oda’s Most Controversial Decisions

Being the creator of one of the best-selling anime franchises ever, Eiichiro Oda has gathered millions of fans and it shows. But being under the spotlight, he has too, been under fire from the internet on various occasions whether it be a statement he made or a change he bought to his own manga.

In February this year, Oda faced a lot of criticism when he experimented with using AI to write a chapter of One Piece which led to many fans criticizing him for using AI to create the chapter, which is something that could eventually take away jobs from human mangaka.

Oda responded to the allegations saying he was simply experimenting with AI and had no intentions of replacing any mangakas.

The above tweet was posted by the official One Piece Twitter account showcasing Oda asking ChatGPT to write a chapter for him, the tweet quickly went viral and became the basis of controversy if Artificial Generated was a good thing or not.

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