Elizabeth Smart And Matthew Gilmour Tied The Knot

elizabeth smart got married

Another hot couple tied the knot this year,is about Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour who did this in Hawaii.

Most of the celebs like to do this kind of important events in front of the cameras,this is not applied to this couple in cause.

Elizabeth told E! the following:

“Elizabeth’s desire was for what most women want—to celebrate her nuptials in a  private wedding with family and close friends,” Smart’s rep revealed to E! News.  “After the story broke about her engagement and the media became increasingly  invasive, Elizabeth recognized it was going to be impossible to have a  traditional wedding devoid of distractions and unusual challenges outside of her  control. She decided, about a week ago, the best way to avoid significant  distraction was to change her wedding plans and to get married in an unscheduled  ceremony outside of Utah.”

Hopefully their marriage will last more,not like ‘other’ cases.

Photo credit : Crestock

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