Elsa Hosk – The New Angel With Wings

Elsa Hosk has been in the news lately and it’s for all the good reasons we love. It’s been reported that the 26 year old is now the newest face of Victoria’s Secret. The news hasn’t been officially confirmed but Elsa’s agency has issued a statement saying “she served as a brand ambassador for its [Victoria’s Secret] Pink line for two consecutive years, and recently received the company’s prestigious “Contract Angel” title” said IMG. With such commitment, Elsa Hosk Victoria’s Secret Angel has landed what she has been working for. The prestigious “title” came at a time where Victoria Secret lost three of it’s angels. Guess this move brings her a little closer to the fantasy bra goal (just a thought).


Elsa who is a Sweden native started her modelling career at the age of 14 years old with the help of her father. Over her career she has worked with brands like H&M, Dolce & Gabbana, Guess and Dior. With every opportunity, she has been able to expand her knowledge in the career that she loves. These are just a few of the brands she worked with and they helped her get this far. Before Elsa took modelling seriously she played professional basket ball. With a height of 5″9 inches, it could be said that she used her height to its advantage. After a two year run of playing basket ball she ended it and moved into modelling in New York. Elsa gives glory to the basket ball life because she said it prepared her for the model life when it came to travelling and physically.

Though Elsa loves modelling, she isn’t just a model but she has also taken up involvement in the “Fair Girls” organization which is against human trafficking. She became interested in this after viewing “The whistle blowers”. Human trafficking a big problem which many country’s face and it’s rapidly increasing its threat against humanity. It’s nice to see that there are people who are willing to fight against this issue. If we don’t help against it, it will never go away.

If you still don’t have a clue who Elsa is, l can help. Remember when social media went crazy over Ariana Grande getting hit in the face by an angel on the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Show? Well Elsa Hosk was that model who accidentally got into that incident. Though wings were not broken and face were made (Ariana’s to be exact), this incident still took over the internet.

Elsa Hosk Victoria’s Secret Angel could be a good example to those out there who think it’s never going to happen. Remember one thing leads to another and no one knows what’s to happen. Elsa worked with Victoria’s Secret for quite some time and they are now repaying her good work. Her fans are quit please with the news and are oh so proud of her. Dreams do come true and Elsa Hosk is yet another living proof. Hard work and determination always gets the work done. Elsa Hosk is the new angel on the block and she’s ready to spreed her wings. The angels are happy to have her and hope she enjoys the new journey.

Photo credit : Victoria Secret

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