Emile Hirsch Gives Cactus Plant a Rare Treat

Hollywood actor Emile Hirsch was caught red-handed urinating on a cactus plant outside the Bootsy Bellows night club on the well-known Sunset strip last night. The actor, who looked clearly surprised in the photo Obtained by TMZ, is well known for his role in a number of films. His best known on-screen- appearances include “Speed Racer” and “The Girl Next Door”

It is not exactly clear why Mr. Hirsch decided to pull such a stunt especially considering that there was a restroom not far from where he did his business. From the photo, posted on celebrity gossip site perezhilton.com, he does not look to have been drunk at the time and he therefore cannot blame it on the alcohol. One thing that is for sure however, is that he did not expect that paparazzi would be on standby and that he would make headlines from his little mischievous adventure.

Emile’s mischief has since become the source of great humor on social networking sites with tweets about this incidents going viral on twitter. The photo that got him busted has been doing rounds on the internet cracking the ribs of many fans. It goes without saying that this will be a trending topic on the web for a few days to come.

emile hirsch pees on cactus

The good news however is that apart from the embarrassment, Hirsch will walk out of this one scot free. Luckily for him, the cactus plant that was the victim of his weak bladder cannot press charges against him, and the management of the club does not seem to be keen in doing so either.

It is hoped that next time, Mr. Hirsch will remember childhood teachings about what a washrooms is used for.

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