Emma Watson has grown up!

We’ve used to remember her on the first debut in Harry Potter,she was so little and we didn’t thought she will have this huge success..It is true that this magazine is not FHM but who knows,we don’t know what the future reserves for her.

Emma Watson played in every episode of Harry Potter and that’s not something to not expect..once you play in a movie it’s obvious that you will continue in the next episodes although there are a few cases where this does not applies.There are certain rumours that these kids are the more richest at their ages,could this be true?Harry Potter had a huge success when it appeared and let’s not talk about the writer which made a fortune out of this!

Emma could now follow a modelling career because I am sure she has the skills and the potential.Being a model could make her more known on the fashion part and that could complete her.

The new episode of the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince it’s rated to appear in 2009 and it has more and more action than the others and our sweet Emma will be there for her fans!Let’s wish her good luck in her life and maybe we will hear from her in other kind of movies,who knows!


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