Eva Herzigova Dior Capture Totale Campaign

Eva Herzigova Dior capture totale return is stunning and you would think that at 42-years old her beauty would be faded. You are wrong because she lives to the truth of the anti-aging serum she is advertising. She has been the face of the line’s skincare products and you always expect her next shot to be greater. She poses for the cameraman, Paolo Roversi, like this is her last thing she would do in the world and the results are exquisite portraits.


A match made in all aspects

Eva and the ad are perfect for each other. She is brilliantly young and the serum tones the skin to look younger too. If you thought that she will sink in her looks, here is a reminder that she has many years ahead of her if this is the pace she will gear up with. Dior will not be parting company with her any time soon and certainly you will keep getting more of this.

Photo credit : Dior

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