Eva Longoria & Eduardo Cruz Call It Quits

Eva Longoria single

Eva Longoria, formerly from The Young and the Restless, but better known for her role playing the character “Gabrielle Solis” on the hit series Desperate Housewives has split with Eduardo Cruz, her longtime boyfriend and baby brother to Penelope Cruz.

After celebrating their one year anniversary last month, the couple has recently come to a mutual agreement and has decided to end things.  They both have vowed to remain friends.

This breakup comes as a great surprise since the two of them have been spotted around the world seemingly in love and happy together. Miss Longoria has stated that “Love did not work with this person, but it can work for another”. 

It seems that Eva and Eduardo have joined the long list of celebrities that are calling it quits. It seems as if splitting up is the new Hollywood fad these days. Hopefully for Eva and Eduardo this split will bring with it better times. I wish for them that they finally find their true soul mates.

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