Experiencing Vietnam Like a Celebrity – How to Plan a Luxurious Getaway

How many times have you read about this big celebrity and that one traveling around the world and living it up on private yachts, luxurious hotels, and secluded beaches? One thing is for sure, celebrities sure do seem to know how to travel in style and have some unique and memorable experiences. But here’s the thing, those experiences aren’t just reserved for celebrities; you too can book a luxurious getaway that drips of celebrity style.

Here we’ll take a look at the exotic destination of Vietnam, and how you can plan your own celebrity-inspired luxury getaway to the popular tourist destination.

High End, Luxury Accommodations are a Must

The first thing you’ll want to ensure is that your accommodations live up to the expectations of your vacation. What this means is high-end and luxurious, offering all the comforts of home plus a whole lot of added amenities and awe factor. A great example is this five-star Phu Quoc hotel on the beach. This property is part of the Dusit International property line-up, which is all about providing guests with incredible hospitality and high-end properties.

This particular hotel is right in the middle of Phu Quoc Islands and is meant to feel like a contemporary resort with modern features, all while staying true to its Vietnamese surroundings and culture. Choose from stylish rooms and suites, many of which boast an ocean view, lounge by the ultra-chic infinity pool with views overlooking the ocean, and of course, book a variety of services at the Luna Thai Spa – just as a celebrity would do.

Book Private Tours and Experiences

Another twist you can add to your holiday is to book private tours and experiences rather than signing up for the typical group-based activities. Celebrities are known for having private tour guides shuttle them around, showing them all the top attractions and sights, and you can easily book the same kind of experience.

One of the really great features of a private tour is that you can often customize it to ensure that you’re visiting all the top places on your list. You may even want to book your guide for a multi-day tour, where each day you’re off to see something new.

Go Ahead and Splurge

The final tip is to go ahead and give yourself permission to splurge at least a couple of times while on holiday in Vietnam. Sure, celebrities splurge the entire time, but unless you have an endless budget, chances are you won’t be able to meet their spending habits. Instead, pick a few key things you want to be sure you do, see, or experience while in Vietnam and do it up in a big way. That could include a fancy meal, authentic spa services, a helicopter tour, a private boat tour, and so forth.

Living the A-List Lifestyle

By following these tips on your Vietnamese getaway, you’ll get to feel just like a celebrity and live it up just like they do.

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