Eye-popping Celebrity Accessories

Celebrities can dress to kill. And with the money they have, the can afford to add on accessories that cost an arm and a leg. Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton are known for their lavish tastes in jewelry and handbags. Kardashian, who is also a self-styled fashion designer, comes in at the top of this list.


Early this year, Kardashian and her mother went on a shopping spree in Paris. They bought seven purses for a whopping US $ 100, 000 at the Hermes Store! This is surprising since Kim almost always carries her US $ 50, 000 Birkin hand bag.


Victoria Beckham on her part received a customized iPhone from her husband. That isn’t too shocking. But the phone was made out of gold and cost US $ 60, 000! These stars have probably earned their money through hard work. Treating themselves is no bad thing. But what about Paris Hilton? She spent US $ 55, 000 on a collar for her dog. And built a US $ 325, 000 “doghouse” for the lucky pet.

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