Eyes to Kill – or Mesmerise! Armani Eyeshadow Solos, 2014

Next month sees the launch of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows 2014. The collection comprises 24 shades in all, but four will not be available in the US. Linda Cantello, An Armani International Makeup artist, believes the new formulations of the collection will inspire women to wear brighter colors around their eyes. ‘Every shade has been custom-created in a wearable texture. It’s the perfect accessory for the face.’ They are divided into three categories: matte, satin and electric.

giorgio armani eyes

The matte shades are called Obsidian, Armani navy (a clever pun on Army and Navy!) Asphalt, Wood, Vulcano and Khaki. Based on the colors of nature, they have a high concentration of ultra-fine pigments which give great intensity and depth of color that is long-lasting.

The satins are produced by a complex process which reduces the amound of powder and solvent in the formula. A clear liquid is injected into the palette and then dried, to become soft as satin and full of vibrant color. The shades, inspired by the colors of Armani fabrics on the catwalk, are neutral natural and understated, such as Ice, Beige Nudo and Dark Plum.


The electric shades also reflect Nature, but her more dangerous side. With names like Green Viper, Scarab and Sapphire Spider, they imitate the jewel-bright hues of tropical creatures. They contain shimmering pearl elements that refract the light and make the eyes appear ultra-bright and almost hypnotic. Definitely not for the shrinking violet!

New easy-to-wear technology, plus an exciting, long-lasting palette of colors, should make the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows desirable additions to any girl’s cosmetic bag. More versatile than quads, the mix ‘n match potential of the solos extends to different textures as well as shades. Although the offical launch date is not until June, they are available now from Neiman Marcus and Selfridges, and online outlets, priced around $32.

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