“This is a Japanese franchise”: Akira Toriyama’s Alleged Racist Interview on Why Dragon Ball Doesn’t Have Black Characters

Anybody who grew up watching anime will hear a bell ringing when they hear the name Dragon Ball, a series created by Akira Toriyama over 35+ years ago. The main protagonist of the franchise, called Goku has managed to blend with the Japanese culture as well as the whole world.
Following the popularity of Dragon Ball, it is obvious that its creator, Toriyama is destined to earn fame too, which has its disadvantages, one of which is that there is going to be misinformation spread about them on the internet.

Akira Toriyama, creator of dragon ball
Akira Toriyama, Creator Of Dragon Ball

One such instance relating to Toriyama happened in March this year, when a fake interview claimed to have the mangaka’s reaction to people who say he is racist for not including black people in the series.

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The Spread Of The Fake Interview Of The Dragon Ball Creator

Twitter was the first place to witness the wildfire-like spread of the fake interview, which was made to look like an article from a newspaper or a blogging website, a screenshot of the same was circulated around the internet gathering different responses from fans. The following is what the fake article looked like.

Fake article against Toriyama

The alleged interview, claims Toriyama said how Dragon Ball is a “Japanese franchise. Made by Japanese people. It’s not your show. It’s ours.” essentially meaning that the series was targeted at the audience of Japan, a country with not much of a racial diversity in its population.
This was also pointed out in the alleged interview, where it claims Toriyama said how things change over time, but the racial demographics will not.

Chart Defining Japan’s Population Racial Distribution In 2013, via Britannica

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Origin Of The Fake Screenshot

With no original as well as trustable source, this screenshot has been declared fake. But that is not all which has made us conclude that the interview is not authentic, Users have pointed out how Akira Toriyama does not like to give interviews at all, which makes it hard to believe that he would give one like this at all.
Another user shared the handle of the creator of the article as well as a screenshot of the fake article creator making the article on Photoshop, warning others of the spread of misinformation.

Proof of Toriyama Interview being fake
User Shares Screenshot Of The Article Being Made On Photoshop

In this age of the internet, it is important we protect ourselves from the spread of fake news and information on the internet. The primary focus when one stumbles upon something like this while browsing the web is to check if the source is authentic or not.

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Source: AnimeHunch

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