Fall Symphony at Stradivarius

Black, white and shades of grey are the keynotes for Stradivarius fashion this Fall. Check out Lookbook for dogstooth checks, sitting happily beside floral extravaganzas, horizontal stripes and tweeds, making an eye-catching statement. Mix and match your designs but stay with clean, lean lines and muted palette for up-to-the minute chic.


You’ll feel casually elegant in loose-fitting jackets and close fitting leggings, teamed with cute ankle boots. Take your skirts thigh-high, or more modestly just above the knee. For evening, team a skimpy lace-trimmed vest in charcoal with some chunky jewelry and a luxurious clutch bag.

If you’re in an upbeat mood, show crisp white collars that spell focus and efficiency. If you want to appear more laid back, go for the black hoodie, or cosy up to a furry collar. Or choose sporty stripes and sweatshirt for a lively energetic look.


Feeling nostalgic for GRUNGE? Stradivarius have got it all: wacky leathers and studs softened by sexy fabrics and accessories. Love that red tiger T-shirt – Grrr! Jungle prints are savage and striking at Stradivarius this Fall!

Dare to jingle and sparkle with the new chunky jewellery and to-die-for bags to complete your individual look with your own unique style. If you want a splash of color go primary: red is great for a lively checked torso, and navy will slim down your lower half whether in denim or leggings.


Whatever look you seek, Stradivarius clothes and accessories offer the perfect combinations and permutations for a successful mix ‘n match outfit. Be chic and monotoned, colorfully vivid or creatively different – make the most of what is on offer and you will be singing in harmony with the latest fashion trends this season. Best of all, your Stradivarius look won’t break the bank and you’ll still have enough credit to go to town again at Christmas!

Photos credit : Stradivarius


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