Famous Celebrities Lose Weight With Surgery

More people than ever are considering weight loss surgery at the moment. It has become incredibly hard to lose weight thanks to sedentary lifestyles and the rising cost of healthy foods. Many celebrities have earned a crust by endorsing diet and exercise programs over the year. Their shiny smiles deliver promises of a slimmer, healthier you. In reality, the diet and exercise programs can be tough to stick to and difficult to follow.

Some of these celebrities have also had a hard time maintaining a good physique over the years. It seems even the rich and famous can fall foul to poor diets and a lack of exercise. Are you considering weight loss surgery? You might be pleased to hear that several celebrities have tried it and succeeded in losing a substantial amount of weight. Some have even declared the surgery a life saver.


So what is gastric band surgery, and how can you qualify for it? Gastric band surgery is a procedure that can be done using a keyhole technique. This means recovery time is short, and the effects of surgery are minimal. A general anaesthetic is used to ensure you are asleep and unable to feel the procedure. You will probably only need to stay in the hospital for one night.

A band is placed inside you during the procedure. It secures the top of the stomach. This has the effect of shrinking the amount of space available for your food. That way, you are physically unable to eat more than you should. Over several months, the band is fine tuned to offer you the best fit and help you shed a substantial number of pounds. Large meals will be a thing of the past, and you will be restricted to purees at first.

The celebrities that have taken advantage of this procedure were very obese. Some had health problems associated with the excess weight too. The gastric band was the only solution for them, after trying to lose weight in more conventional ways. If your BMI is over 35, then there is a chance this surgery could be right for you.

Randy Jackson is perhaps the most well-known celebrity who has admitted to having weight loss surgery. He knew his life was in danger when he developed diabetes as a result of his excess weight. Health problems are very common when your weight is too high. Type 2 diabetes is just one of the conditions you may suffer. Complications from this disease could be life-changing, or even fatal. It’s important to reduce your weight to healthy levels.

Another illness caused by excessive weight gain is high blood pressure. This can lead to lots of problems including stroke and heart attacks. Losing weight naturally brings down the blood pressure to safer levels. Anne Rice is a celebrity who opted for the surgery due to several health problems. One was sleep apnoea. This can cause severe fatigue and a lack of concentration. It can even be fatal for drivers.

Roseanne Barr is well known for having cosmetic procedures. But she also chose to have weight loss surgery after her weight peaked at more than three hundred pounds. This kind of weight is very uncomfortable to carry around. It stops you being active and enjoying the simple things in life. Roseanne certainly seems happier now the weight is gone. It took some time, but the surgery appears to have achieved what she wanted.

Even if you have been fit and healthy in the past, you’re still not immune from the dangers of weight gain. Ex-soccer star Diego Maradona suffered very rapid weight gain after he retired from the sport in 1997. After years of delighting fans on the pitch, his activity levels dropped. Maradona has admitted to drug and alcohol problems that no doubt played a part in his habits for eating. After undergoing weight loss surgery, he still struggles with stress that has hindered his success.

Singer Carnie Wilson made headlines back in 1999. She agreed to have her weight loss surgery filmed and broadcast on the internet. This peculiar choice seems to have solidified her determination to make the weight loss permanent, though. She has worked hard to shift the weight, and her body is now a much more slender shape. Any decision to have surgery is tough, and to have it shown to everyone is certainly very brave.

Sharon Osbourne has never shied away from the cameras. She is feisty and confident and lives life to the full. Her health has been a mixed bag over the years, including a battle with cancer. But Sharon has kept on going regardless. She is quite open about her adventures under the knife too. Sharon has had several cosmetic surgery procedures. But one surgery that has been a significant part of her life has been the weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery is not for everyone. It comes with restrictions and changes to your lifestyle that will stay with you forever. Sadly, Mrs O was not able to make that full commitment. The weight loss didn’t happen as she had hoped. The commitment to eat such a restricted diet for the rest of your life may be too much. Sharon lost over one hundred pounds, but then regained half of it.

Even with the gastric band surgery, it’s essential you eat only small portions of healthy foods for the rest of your life. You will also need to increase your physical activity levels to see the results and keep the weight off. For some of these celebrities, surgery seemed like the easy option. For others, it was the only option. If you’re hoping gastric band surgery is the right way to manage your weight, speak to your surgeon about your options first.

Overeating is one of the biggest problems for people. Portion sizes are always so huge in restaurants and takeaways. It’s difficult to gauge the correct size for us. It’s so easy to eat more than we need, but it is so hard to burn it all off afterwards. And losing weight is the hardest thing of all.

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