Famous Male Celebrities Who Are Feline Fanatics


Who can resist the soft fur, lovable eyes, and playful personality of a cat? Although women have historically been generalized as cat lovers, a growing number of males have also shown a fondness for these beloved fur balls, including many famous celebrities.

1.Ricky Gervaris, British actor and producer of the popular television show The Office, is well-known as an animal rights activist. However, he has a special penchant for his cats, posting numerous photos of them on instagram.


2.Singer and songwriter, Jason Mraz, loves his two adorable orange and white tabby cats.


3.James Franco, actor and filmmaker, has a sweet black and white kitty named Totes McGotes who has actually accompanied him to several events.


4.Singer and entertainer Justin Bieber considers his adorable cat, Tuts, to be a true member of the family. Tuts even has a Twitter account.

5.Ian Somerhalder, best known for his roles on Lost and The Vampire Diaries, has three cats which he adores.


6.French actor, Gilles Marini, cherishes his cat he dubbed Kitty Casanova.

7.Canadian actor and Comedian, Jay Baruchel likes to cuddle with his black and white kitten.

8.The lovable Ed Sheeran spoils his cat, Graham, with hugs, kisses, and an Instagram account. Currently, Graham has over 63,000 followers.

9.Actor Zac Efron has a Siamese cat which he named Simon.

10.Actor and musician, Keegan Allen, known for his role on Pretty Little Liars, has a cute black cat named Minin who is featured on youtube.

11.Norman Reedus, star of Walking Dead, rescued an abandoned little black kitten as gift for his son. Norman also likes to snuggle with the family cat who they have named Eye in the Dark, even posing with him in photo ops.

12.Actor Olan Rogers has a pet cat named Starscream who has appeared with him in a few episodes of his show.

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