Jujutsu Kaisen: Internet’s Furious With How Netflix Ruined Gojo Satoru’s Epic Comeback Against Toji With B*stardized Subtitles

Netflix can not seem to catch a break as it has once again come under fire after they just dealt with sending off Henry Cavill in the Witcher Series. The popular streaming platform was under a firestorm on the internet earlier this week after they were accused of ruining an anime character’s iconic moment by messing up the subtitles.

Gojo Satoru Netflix
Netflix Accused Of Ruining Jujutsu Kaisen

As it turns out, Netflix has managed to wash down the subtitles of a dialogue at the only time they were not supposed to do that.

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Gojo Satoru’s Most Iconic Moment In Jujutsu Kaisen Ruined By Netflix

To set the premises, Gojo Satoru, considered to be one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen was in a battle against Toji.
After using a powerful technique called Reverse Cursed Technique for the first time, as well as being exhausted out of strength because of overusing his Limitless and Six Eyes ability, he is faced with some kind of awareness where he is not able to feel any hatred or anger.

He then speaks, “Throughout heaven and Earth, I alone am the honored one.”
This particular dialogue is taken out of Buddhist texts, where these words were said by none other than Buddha himself. While some may find it inappropriate, the dialogue packs some power in itself as it embarks on Satoru finally realizing his true self as well as his powers.

This particular scene single-handedly managed to become one of the fans’ favorites swiftly when the manga came out, and many were hyped to see it being animated, however, Netflix chose to water down the high hopes of the fans by losing all the power of the dialogue in the translation.

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru
Netflix’s Version Of The Fan Favourite Scene

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Times When Netflix Has Ruined The Emotions Of A Dialogue

It is not the first time the streaming platform has been under fire for a mere subtitle change, it has been noticed many times before for a lot of popular movies and series that became available on Netflix way after they were released.

One of the most popular examples is of the film Footloose, where the character Ren McCormack says the line “If we could get one of them to dance – just one of them – then that was it. We’d get out on the floor, and we’d really start to smoke.” However, the subtitles on Netflix changed the line to “If one would dance, that was it. We’d really start to smoke.” This change was met with disappointment from many fans, who thought that the line lost its originality and emotion in the process.

Footloose Netflix
Changed Dialogue In The Footloose Film

While it is understandable to some extent that the power of a dialogue can be lost in translation, it is still not acceptable to just straight up wash down the emotions of a dialogue, causing it to lose its authenticity. Netflix has had a tradition of doing the same quite often, causing the fans of a particular series to be upset.

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