2012 fashion

2012 looks to be a year that brings in a splash of color. In fashion shows and runway events for 2012, pastels and the softer colors and neutrals destined for spring gave way to a more emboldened rainbow for the summer. Pastel mint green will be all the rage matched with the timeless neutrals like gray, white and black. Lace and floral prints will still stick to the shelves and racks.
Sunny year
Most designers continued with the endless black and white combinations during the pre 2012 fashion shows. Since these two colors will go with absolutely any occasion and piece, we will always see them. Designers went creative with mixing these neutrals with the more vivid colors. Expect to see lots of red, bright orange, emerald green and floral prints as the summer rolls in.
Gowns and dresses
When it comes to elegance, there will be lots of floor length and weeping gowns and dresses. Most of the long dresses came in shades of yellow to green. Sequins are making a huge comeback. Such outfits will certainly appeal to ladies who want to accessorize with less subtle pieces to take off the shiny aspect.
The ankle length designs came with sweeping slits right to above the knee and quite a number displayed a low cut front. For these evening dresses, well, let us say there will be sufficient exposure of the collar bone and cleavage. 2012 fashion trends are promising to be more stylish and bold.
Mind the leather
When it comes to shoes and handbags, color will definitely spring to life. On some shows for 2012 designs, the designers had models wearing shoes in screaming neon. The leather will make a very loud statement with luminous green and orange being the dominant colors. And if some of 2011 will spill over into the fashion trends of this year, then the giant bags will certainly be one of them.
The big bags came and created a niche for ladies who want to be functional and be noticed. They became a mainstay because of their versatility and ability to be used at all occasions. When worn with casual miniskirts or for the more formal mid length bubble dresses, the huge handbags will come in 2012 colors but remain in ladies hands. These bags will eventually give way to the lighter and more portable belt bags.
Believe it or not, lace will also be part of footwear going into 2012. This will be one of the more unique materials. However, leather, patent, crocodile and snake skins will still be there as always. The wedge and platform heels will be carried over from 2011 fashion and keep going strong well into the summer.
We cannot analyze 2012 fashion trends without looking at the pants on display during fashion shows. With the low necks, loose fitting and light weight pants will be the highlight of trousers this year. Most of them will come with high waists and baggy bottoms. For the denim jeans, some designers experimented with a full top to bottom denim look.
With this insight into the possible 2012 fashion trends, the following are the must have pieces in your wardrobe:
–          Floor length dress with high slit
–          Bright orange handbag
–          Light weight wide pants in a dull color
–          Black and white, low necked blouse
–          Patent leather wedges

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