Feeling The Romance: Dior Haute Couture Spring 2015

While watching the Dior Spring 2015 fashion show or flipping through photos you notice that romance emanates from the clothes. Romance is exactly what Dior’s artistic director Raf Simons was aiming for. The alien journey that Simons wants you to experience is exactly that. While watching the models strut up and down the pink carpeted runways lined with industrial piping you get the sense it is love story set in the future.


The bold patterns are reminiscent of the 1960’s but with a romantic futuristic twist. The tightness of some of the cat suits that featured the bold prints made for an eye popping display. The bold patterns were accompanied by shiny eye catching latex boots which completed the outfits perfectly. It is rare that a designer can capture a past decade and a futuristic feel at the same time. The combination of past and future tugs on your heartstrings and makes you feel as if these clothes are a natural evolution of the female spirt.

The futuristic/retro aspects of the designs are evident in each of Dior’s 2015 pieces. The floor length skirts and dresses are suited for a space age heroine who is going to meet the love of her life while in that particular outfit. The patterns on many of the floor length pieces were a beautiful and futuristic mix of floral and technological. The result of combining romance and space age wonder is absolutely mesmerizing.


Dior’s latex boots were stunning as they completed each outfit. The thigh high boots were stunning with the mini dresses and in some instances it felt as if the dress would be incomplete without being paired with the latex boots. The ankle boots were less eye catching but were still charming none the less.

The trench coats featured in the Dior Haute Couture Spring 2015 Collection were transparent and showcased the futuristic-psychedelic and loose fitting dresses beneath them. There was also an armless vest which appeared to accompany a beautiful striped catsuit. The coverups in Dior’s 2015 Collection emphasize whichever piece of clothing is under them. Many of the less bold printed or coloured items were paired with brightly coloured boots. The most memorable of the latex boots that made these neutral coloured pieces pop were the orange and light green boots.

The jewel encrusted catsuits were not the only items which glittered on the runway. There were also magnificent and gaudy rhinestone statement neck pieces. These neck pieces did not particularly mesh well with the futuristic 1960’s / 1970’s vibe that Raf Simons created however they were stunning and show stopping none the less. These neck pieces looked as if they were borrowed from a queen in an alternate universe.

The ability of Raf Simon to connect the boldness of the past and the beauty of the future is nothing short of breathtaking. Dior’s Haute Couture Spring 2015 Collection has given us the chance to reminisce and feel nostalgic while at the same time dream of a future love story. Raf Simons has outdone himself with this collection and has perfected his craft.

Photos credit : Dior

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