Former Monkees Star Davy Jones Is To Be Cremated on March 7


The private funeral for Davy Jones will be taking place tomorrow March 7, and it is reported that the late singer will be cremated.  Jones’s former bandmate Micky Dolenz, sadly reports that the other members of the Monkees will not likely be attending Davy’s funeral.  They want to respect the wishs that the Jones family have, about the service being as private and low key as possible, and their desire to be able to say goodbye without the attendance of a media circus.

Mr. Jones has a ranch in Florida, where he and his wife Jessica Pacheco had been enjoying a weekend with their horses.   Davy had not been showing any signs of being ill, but apparently, he had mentioned that he was feeling short of breath, when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Peter Tork, and the remaining members of the Monkees say that the bandmates had all been hoping to plan a comeback tour together.  Davy Jones was 66 years old when he passed away on February 29.  He was also the youngest member of the super popular foursome.

Photo credit : CBC.CA

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