Frank Muniz Mini Stroke Scare

Twitter followers of Frank Muniz were treated to a rude shock on Tuesday when the actor announced that he had suffered a mini-stroke on via the social networking site. Muniz is not the only Hollywood personality to announce such a serious matter through social media. This has become synonymous with the stars.

The reports that the star’s friends noticed that his speech had become slurry and he was generally acting weird. They therefore decided to have him checked into a hospital.

Muniz is most popularly known for playing the lead role as ‘Malcom’ in the sitcom Malcom in the Middle. He however does not seem to be keen on advancing his acting career judging by the number of his on-screen appearances in recent times. He seems to have opted to concentrate more on his role as a drummer for the rock band “Kingsfoil”.

frankie muniz 2012

Fans of the star should however not be worried as he seems to be out of danger. Judging from the tone he used on his tweet, this is the most logical conclusion.

In his tweet, he said something to the effect that it was not such a pleasant experience. He ended the tweet on a light note saying that he is getting old and therefore has to take good care of himself. One is however left to wonder whether he had to wait for a mini-stroke scare in order to start taking care of himself.

Questions are bound to arise as to why his friends did not mention anything to the media during the actual stroke. There are bound to be fans out there who would have loved to give Muniz moral support. All in all, the good news is that the star is alive and kicking. Hopefully, he shall stick to his word and take care of himself to avoid a repeat.

Photo credit : Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

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