Gal Gadot looks stunning in Glamour UK Magazine

Gal Gadot is one of the most sought-after actresses after her huge success with ” Wonder Women”. She was the cover star of the December edition of Glamour UK. She posed for two photos. For the first picture, she paired a Saint Laurent sweater along with boots. And for the second picture, she was seen wearing a crystal gown.

During her interview with Glamour UK, she revealed that she initially wanted to become a laywer because she wanted to make peace between people. However, she realized that the work of a lawyer included always dealing with conflicts and she is happy she didn’t become one.
She also spoke about life before Wonder Women and the struggles which she had to face. At one point in time, she thought of leaving Hollywood and settling in Israel permanently,y because her husband had a lot of work in Tel Aviv and she also has a young daughter. However, everything changed after she got the role of ” Wonder Women”.
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