George Clooney goes to Washington


We are all familiar with him. We know his name, know his movies and know his good looks, but what we don’t know is why famous actor George Clooney was at the White House on Tuesday evening.
Having returned from a trip to South Sudan just two prior, he and John Prendergast, the co-founder of a human rights project in the war torn and poverty stricken region, attended a White House State Dinner and mingled with politicians leaders from around the world. British Prime Minister David Cameron was also at the dinner.
After pressing the issue with President Obama, Clooney said that it was agreed that the United States government would push Hu Jintao, the leader of China, to open up the regions to the north of South Sudan and allow aid and economic reforms to take place. They will also push China to provide jobs, resources, protection and security.

Photo credit : Crestock

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