Get ready for One for the money

one for the money movie

A new movie that is coming out soon is One for the Money. It stars Katherine Heigl who is playing a lingerie buyer who is unemployed named Stephanie Plum. Since she has no job she asks her bounty hunting cousin played by Patrick Fischler to give her a job. That’s when the fun begins and the laughs will start.

Her first assignment is to go after an ex-cop who is not only on the run because he is accused of murder, but is also the same guy who in the past she had been involved with. As well as a past relationship he broke her heart and this could make the hunt one that is filled with a lot of problems. 


The movie is filled with other great actors and could be a great bet for a nice movie to begin the weekend. This will be out January 27th, so get your calendar marked so you don’t miss this possible huge hit.

This movie is based on the writing of Janet Evanovich, so if you enjoy her books you should check it out.

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