Get The Look: How To Steal Jennifer Lawrence’s Unique Style

Who doesn’t want to steal Jennifer Lawrence’s unique look? The actress come global star always looks incredible. Whether the paparazzi snap a photo of her going to the store or she is on a red carpet, she always looks stylish and on trend. There is something that looks effortless about her look, which is what we at Diva Gals would love to emulate. If you want to bag her look as well, here are some simple ways to do it.


Start with flawless hair and makeup

When you look at pictures of Jennifer, it is worth noting that she never wears too much makeup. There is no room here for over-the-top eyeliner or lipstick. Instead, she keeps things simple and uses easy techniques for a natural look. Start with a foundation base that matches your natural skin tone. You can use a clear lip gloss and just a lick of mascara to create this basic look. Make sure that your hair is in excellent condition and blow dry it for natural waves. The most important thing here is that your hair and makeup looks clean and natural, rather than too complicated.

Get the perfect casual dress

Usually, Jennifer wears a simple dress that will suit almost any occasion. The basic dress is a wardrobe staple that is worth buying no matter what style you tend to rock. You should look around for a basic dress that you can accessorize when you need to do so. You can look at loads of different options and even buy dresses online if you want to. That means that you don’t have to spend hours traipsing around the stores trying to find the perfect piece. Skater dresses and mini dresses always look casual, and so you might want to consider one of these designs.

Find some designer sunglasses

Since the summer is almost upon us, it is time that you invested in some killer shades for the hot weather. J-Law is always adding a fresh twist to an outfit by putting on some designer glasses to make the look ultra stylish. Michael Kors glasses are on trend right now, but you can also stick to classic Prada or D&G shades. If you buy the glasses at the right time, you might get a discount on them. As it is not yet the height of summer, you might find that some designer retailers still have sales online.

Invest in comfortable, chic shoes

If you are a gal on the go, you need shoes that fit your lifestyle. You would never catch Jennifer strutting her stuff in heels on the street. In fact, as we know, she struggles to walk in heels at special events too. Getting her style is all about creating a casual, yet chic look for yourself. That means that you need to say goodbye to heels and hello to flats. Look for some casual pumps or flat shoes that you can pair with either a dress or jeans.

Look for oversized shirts and sweaters

When you are having a lazy day, you don’t want something clinging to your figure. Instead, oversized pieces give you a chance to relax and embrace the fun side of fashion. You can get oversized, baggy pieces from most fashion retailers on the high street. Look for pieces that complement the color theme of your main fashion items. That way, you can wear the garment over almost anything.

If you want to look like a celebrity, it is time to get the look. Follow this simple advice so that you can look fabulous like Jennifer Lawrence each day of the summer. Go on, you know you want to!

Image from Red Carpet Report

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