Get Wedding Stationery Inspiration from Celebrities

Taking inspiration from celebrities is a great way to plan your wedding. Although you don’t want to copy everything that famous couples do, it’s an excellent way to get ideas. You might not do what they have done exactly, but it could inspire you to think of something similar. One of the first things you need to pick for your wedding is the stationery. You have to send out save the date cards and invites to let everyone know the details. You might not do the other stationery until later, but it’s likely to follow the style of your invites. Here are some celeb wedding stationery design ideas you can use for inspiration.


Royal Touch

One of the most famous couples to get married in recent years has to be Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. Their wedding reception menu cards have a very classic design, with no sign of trying to be modern in sight. At the top, you can see the Prince of Wales feathers, a heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles). Green vines twist down the side of the page, with birds in flight above them. If you have a family crest, you might want to include it on your invitation. But you could also make one up for a bit of fun.

Jessica Simpson’s Watercolors

Jessica Simpson got married in summer 2014 to football player Eric Johnson. Their wedding invitations had a floral design with a watercolor look. They were designed by Momental Designs and set the scene for the wedding, which was inspired by Great Expectations. You might want to choose a theme for your wedding from a favorite book or other media. Perhaps the watercolor look appeals to you, or you might like the couple’s gold cursive text. You should take a look at wedding invitation templates to find something that might jump out at you. You might not have a celebrity stationery designer. But you can still come up with something beautiful.

Crystals from Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian might be one-half of Kimye now, but before she married Kris Humphries. Although they’re no longer together, their wedding invites were certainly interesting. They were monogrammed in black at the top, but that’s not the interesting part. The invitations were embellished with hundreds of hematite crystals. You might not be able to afford stationery from Lehr & Black. But you can still take inspiration from the design. A little extra sparkle on your invites could make them more memorable and special.

Lily Allen’s Humorous Invite

If you want to put some fun into your invitations, take inspiration from singer Lily Allen and her husband, Sam Cooper. For their rural wedding, they photoshopped their faces onto a photo of a couple on a tractor. The mix of vintage fonts in red adds to the humor and fun of the invite, setting the tone for a fun wedding.

You might not have the money for a famous designer, but you can still create stationery worthy of a celeb wedding. Use your imagination to let them inspire you.

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