Getting Over a Breakup Celebrity Style

Every day, news about celebrity breakups occur with amazing speed. It appears that celebrities go through relationships like boxes of tissues. Their busy lifestyles don’t leave much time for relationship building, however, so many celebrities become experts at breakups. Try your celebrity style out by getting over your breakup with these basic tips. You’ll feel better with each passing day.


Dress Up

Feeling down about a breakup is part of the healing process. As you feel your spirits lifting a few days after the incident, take a look in your closet. Dress up in your best clothing, and head out with friends to a lunch or dinner date. Getting yourself into beautiful clothing makes you feel good about yourself. Boosting your self-confidence will only improve your mood after the breakup. In many cases, your relationship may have made you feel inferior at times. It’s time to shine as you move forward.

Surround Yourself With Friends

It’s normal to want some solitude after a breakup, but don’t isolate yourself for too long. Connect with your family and friends. Discuss your feelings, and try to distract yourself with good times. Go to the movies or hang out at home so that you can feel better about being single once again. Put yourself first for a change. Head out to a vintage bookshop that you’ve been dying to try. By exploring your needs while hanging out with friends will only boost your spirits and give you the courage to move on.

Give Back to the Community

An intelligent way to improve your life after a breakup is working with a community group. Sing a song of hope to the needy and to yourself as you find a worthwhile charity. Help kids at school as they learn new instruments, or hand out meals at a local food bank. This celebrity-style activity should be one that everyone takes up. Every community has multiple programs that always require volunteers for daily operations.

Announce Closure to the World

Use your social-media account for a good cause by announcing your new outlook on life. Take a picture, post a quote and shout your praise to your followers as you move ahead to a different chapter in life. Being able to say that you’re over an old flame is a major milestone that can be celebrated by everyone. Continue to post through social media so that your commitment is solid. Seeing any act of closure through pictures or text only makes the situation a reality in your mind.

Don’t fall into destructive patterns, such as drinking, that will only harm you in the end. Keep a positive outlook on life to move forward. That next crush could walk in the door tomorrow.

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