Fashion designer Giorgio Armani showed off his fall elegant collection recently to delighted gasps from those seated at his fashion show. The senior fashion designer is still going strong as he enters his eight decade with looks that are pure luxury, high style and yet entirely wearable. Armani continues to make his many fans happy with his use of varied, understated prints and subtle color as well as his feel for the needs of today’s modern fashionable man and woman. He knows how to please those who look to him for clothing that works for the busy businessman or the woman on the go.


Mannish Yet Feminine

Armani’s playfulness was on full display recently as he showed off suits for women. Each suit was carefully crafted from lush fabrics. His female fans found an entire line full of suits that give off a modern vibe that is slightly male and yet wholly feminine. Armani choose many shades of black and paired them with white checks to for an effect that was extremely flattering. Other colors used included shades of off white and grey that help bring each suit from the boardroom to a party with barely a change of accessories.


Photo credit : Giorgio Armani

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