Gisele Bundchen and Terry Richardson Team Up Again in W Korea

Gisele Bundchen and Terry Richardson are teaming up once again. The team of supermodel and photographer are literally making front page news once again. They’re featured on the cover of W Korea magazine.

The Brazilian model brings a special twist to her photoshoot. This beautiful woman shows that inner beauty will always shine through. While a lot of models focus on what they’re wearing, it can sometimes feel as if the clothing is actually wearing them. Gisele breaks out from this trap by donning some clothing which nobody would expect from someone so glamorous.


Sometimes it feels like a love letter to the 90s, and other times an attempt at creating a farmer-chic look. But whatever the label, one thing is clear. Gisele looks amazing as she dons a variety of denim, overalls, and similar choices. The clothing is put in stark contrast by the clear white backgrounds, and her beautiful blond hair.

She strikes a variety of different poses. And this serves as a canvas on which some daring choices can be made. For example, each of the pictures plays around with a theme of simplicity and complexity. Inner beauty and outer adornment. Sometimes it might be a picture of Gisele standing in a daring or provocative pose, with no adornment but simple clothing. Other times she might take a more humble position, but with jewelry or other adornment.

The statement is clear. Gisele and Terry show that true beauty is about letting people see the true expression of your personality. Gisele poses in a look she loves, and Terry helps to bring that beauty out into the world.

Photo credit : Terry Richardson

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