Gisele Bundchen + Chanel = EARLY SUMMER FOR US ALL

Yes it’s happening! The gorgeous Brazilian diva and more specially a mother of three Gisele Bundchen is the new face of the glam-brand Chanel for spring 2015. Even though it’s not new for Chanel to get the best of modeling talent on their payroll, this is a special news just because recently Gisele is quoted as saying that the beauty ads are misleading and that level of perfection is impossible to attain. Well, the jury’s out on this one Ms Bundchen because looking at you, many people do think otherwise!


The back-in-black and smart-in-white Chanel collection for spring 2015 isn’t yet fully revealed, but from what we have seen, this look to be another grand assignment for the supermodel in collaboration with long time friend of hers Karl Lagerfeld.


The collection is thought to have been shot at the most iconic landmarks in Paris , including Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. Well, the world can’t wait to see Gisele Bundchen Chanel Campaign Spring 2015 and rightly so.

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