Gisele Bündchen Looks A Natural Beauty for H&M Fall 2013 Campaign

It is with great delight to announce that Gisele’s latest photographs for her H&M campaign are finally here. On this relaxing summer day, Gisele Bundchen gave fans a little gift on Instagram – a sneak look at her latest H&M campaign. Considering Gisele is 33, she looks very natural and beautiful, in her new ad campaign. Gisele’s latest ad campaign is slightly less sexy than normal. However, it is extremely stylish and delicately showcases the natural beauty of this supermodel. Everyone knows that Gisele is completely gorgeous and it is nice to see the softer, natural side to Gisele.


Gisele is a supermodel and was captured in central London clothed in soft, neutral colors and fabrics. She looked perfectly placed on the streets of London wearing the latest in fashion designs by H&M. The supermodel looked fantastic in her turtleneck knit sweaters, long flowing royal blue peacoats with large gold buttons, beige slim jeans, fuzzy jumpers, military hats, combat green skinny jeans and a lot more besides. The most astonishing thing about the campaign is that Gisele looks as though she is wearing no makeup and still looks gorgeous. Her long, golden hair was styled in fantastic tousled waves.

In previous years Gisele’s campaign has not been nearly as much fun, the clothes were slightly off and the campaign was boring. However, everything has changed for the better in this years campaign.


Gisele Bundchen had worked with the fashion design firm before their Summer/Spring 2011 campaign and wears a number of stylish separates that dress her leggy posture. One look saw her in a turtleneck knit jumper with matching beige, slim jeans. Each design shows her slender frame and edgy attitude. There were some smart looking retro style caps that put an edge on the fashion. The sweatshirts are fluffy and look amazing for the colder weather. Gisele is perfectly placed for this campaign and looks amazing in each new look.

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