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For over 30 years Gospel for Asia, a Christian missionary charity, has been working tirelessly throughout Asian continent to put an end to poverty. The World relies heavily on charities such as Gospel for Asia to finally put an end to this dreadful plight that millions are born into through no fault of their own. The consequences of poverty are vast, disease, hunger, lack of water and terrible living conditions to name just a few and in a World of digital revolutions and medical advancements, it is unjust and unfair that poverty still exists. The work that Gospel for Asia does has changed hundreds of thousands of lives since it began and today we’re going to take a look at how the charity operates, and how they are seeking to stop poverty.


The Ministries


The organization focusses on tackling individual problems that are caused as a result of poverty in an effort to fix the problem as a whole, the way in which it does this is through the operation of several ministries that work with isolated problems. Here are just some of the ministries which the charity has in place.


The Slum Ministry


The founder of Gospel for Asia Dr KP Yohannan grew up in India and witnessed many people living in slums near his village, seeing this is what inspired him to create the slum ministry, training and sending out missionaries to work with those who are forced to live in slums across Asia. These brave missionaries go into the slums to offer healthcare and treatments of diseases, they give education by way of literacy, numeracy, Gospel teachings and spend a lot of time giving advice and support about addiction, sexual health and on the prevention of infections such as HIV/AIDS. The idea is to help these people to elevate themselves from poverty and not rely solely on handouts.


Bridge of Hope Ministry


If we are gong to put an end to poverty then it is in the next generation that we must put our faith, this is the idea behind the Bridge of Hope ministry which focusses solely on Asia’s poorest children. This ministry gives daily meals to over 75,000 children, it gives them a basic schooling and, like all areas of the charities programs, spreads the world of the Gospel to teach values.


Helping Women


The charity puts  a lot of focus on helping women to escape poverty, they are the care givers, the mothers and the inspirers of communities and for years they have faced inequality, especially in impoverished areas. Gospel for Asia sends female missionaries into the poorest communities to work with women on how they can find a more liberal existence, they teach them basic skills that can help them to find jobs, offers childcare and encourages these women to break down gender barriers.


Gospel for Asia not only sends out the missionaries that do such good work across Asia but it also trains them, this way, each of these brave missionaries can offer the same level of support in their task to end poverty.

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