Got Milk? / Salma Hayek’s Bilingual Advertising Campaign

salma hayek got milk

Salma Hayek has long recognized the value of drinking milk each day. This time, she is sharing her views in both English and Spanish.

Campaigning for the Breakfast Project, the 45-year old actress will appear in TV spots along with print ads. With the trademark “milk mustache” Hayek is pictured with a child actor about the same age as Hayek’s own daughter, Valentina. She explains the significance of starting the day with a healthy breakfast, which includes milk. “Breakfast is family time”, and with her family, she always makes time for breakfast. She explains that sometimes breakfast is cereal and milk, and on the other hand, breakfast can include a milk fruit smoothie.

Again, focusing on the benefits of milk, Hayek is committed to the bilingual campaign. This is the first time a celebrity has committed for speaking both English and Spanish within a commercial. In any language, Salma Hayek’s message is clear that “milk does a good body.”

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