Gravity Tops the Charts with $9.1 Million


Gravity continues to reign on top defying all the box office laws and it is featured across 3,820 theaters which has given it an immense opening. Gravity remains unperturbed as well as undisturbed even with lots of opponents in the form of a telekinetic teenage kid, hacker of wiki leaks or by the massive duos – Arnold Schwarzenegger or the hunky Sylvester Stallone. This drama by Warner Bros. with a $100 million budget features Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in leading roles. Gravity movie updates states that this movie has raked $9.1 million this Friday, which is a 28% drop than last Friday.

It is expected that Gravity might be bale to get about $32 million this weekend, which means that within 17 days of its release, it would have a total whopping sum of $171 million. This will have Screen gems & MGM’s, Carrie at the second place following Gravity. Carrie is a horror movie that is remade by MGM. Carrie falls low with $6.6 million. This is much below the in comparison to the predicted level of $20 million. This 3D space drama maintains its first place in its orbit sending all its opponents at the back! The gravity movie updates state that in this film, George Clooney dons the role of an experienced astronaut who looks a bit like Buzz Light year. Sandra Bullock plays the role of a medical engineer who is on her first space voyage and experiences numerous difficulties during the travel expedition.

The duo are floating and bobbling in the vast darkness as Earth is beneath them. The wonder factor of the movie is the right blend of 3D along with special effects that are rightly used by the director of movie, Alfonso Cuaron. The deep organic flow of the story of the film, Gravity draws the attention of the audiences, which explains why it retains the No. 1 position.

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