Guess launches Sensual Fall 2015 Campaign

GUESS, One of America’s high-end clothing brands has a launched its 2015 fall campaign. The retailing entity seems to have added a sensual feel to its advertisements, and the effect is certainly appealing. The outfit has consistently tapped into niche markets and targets clients with a very specific palate. This year’s winter-fall campaigns seem certainly well thought-out, if the models chosen and designs involved are anything to go by.


Models selected for the Guess Sensual fall 2015 campaign include Matt Trethe, Grace Elizabeth, Silviu Tolu and Bojana Krsmanovic.The advertisements showcase the models in various stages of pose, with denim being the main theme. To add some flair to the whole concept, photographer Kayt Jones has used black and white, and to a stunning effect at that. The sensual bedroom backgrounds serve to show a rich side of GUESS that pops up from time to time. Main clothing choices in the advertisements include denim jackets, gingham prints and tantalizing high waist jeans.

Photo credit : Guess

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