Guess Who’s Pregnant Just 7 Months After Having Another baby?

Would you get pregnant only seven months after giving birth? Well, one celebrity just did, need a hint? She’s been in more dress sizes than a genie, ring a bell? Jessica Simpsons, the woman that blew up to great proportions and got to pen herself a $4 million deal with Weight watchers (Who knew a weight problem could earn you bucks?) is pregnant again.

Just 7 months after giving birth to her Maxwell, Jessica is said to be pregnant claiming that it was unplanned for.So is Jessica Simpson pregnant again or is she faking it all since she never managed to drop the 70 lbs by August? Or is it really true? Read on for the full details.Although there is no solid conformation as to whether Jessica is really pregnant, the fact that US Weekly is running the story in their cover page seems to make it legit enough.

Plus, the Enquirer, which happens to be a reliable source of information, revealed that Jessica is on her 9th week but wants to keep things hushed until she’s done with her first trimester.

jessica simpson another baby

So whether you think it’s just a well orchestrated excuse to walk away from her Weight Watchers contract or as she claims “an unplanned pregnancy,”

Jessica seems to be pretty happy and excited about it all and that’s all that matters, right? As for Weight Watchers, sources revealed they did make a statement on E saying that they are not answerable to any questions in relation to Jessica’s personal life.

So will she go back to butter-slathered pop-tarts and gain the lost weight once more?

Hopefully not; either way, we do hope she makes a more healthy decision for her and her unborn child. All in all, who’s it to blame Jessica? I mean which woman wouldn’t love to go through pregnancy again if it meant not having to go through any diets and still get off the hook for failing to hold her end in the Weight Watchers contract?

I am sure Jessica’s parents are more than happy about that.

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