Hair Color Trends for Spring 2014

When it comes to spring hair color trends for 2014, you’re in for a rainbow of surprises. Colorful locks rock the catwalks, and models and celebrities are trading in their blonde tresses for the chance to be a ravishing redhead.

Today’s color trends give you the option to have a total hair color change, or you can enhance your hair with red highlights, streaks or color blocking for a fabulous new look.

Here are four of the hottest trends in spring hair color that are making waves.

Hair Color Trends for Spring 2014

Trend One: Reach for Red

No hair color garners as much attention as beautiful, eye-catching red hair. Red hair stands out in a crowd whether it’s a deep burgundy red or a pinkish strawberry blonde. Shades of red hair can be compatible with cool skin tones or warm skin tones. There’s a shade of red hair for everyone from fair-skinned ash blondes to dark-skinned, raven-haired beauties.

Hair highlighting salons are equipped to tell you whether your complexion is considered warm or cool, or you can decide which tone you are by simply looking in your closet. If your closet is filled with clothing in warm sunny tones like yellows, oranges and reds, you probably look best in warm colors. If you closet is filled with blues, greens and berry colors, you are likely to have a cool complexion and look best in cool tones.

Trend Two: Opt for Ombre

Ombre is not passé; in fact, it’s hotter than ever for spring. Ombre is the name for hair color that’s been shaded from dark to light or even light to dark. Also called color blocking, ombre is as popular now as it was last year or the year before. Ombre done in red hues is amazing to look at, and it is the most requested color for ombre shading according to many of the finest salons.

Trend Three: Choose Chunky Highlights

Whatever your natural color is, you can add red chunky highlights to your top layers for a wild but wonderful look. Wider chunks of color, whether a pale red or a deep purplish-red, will add so much personality to your hair. In order to achieve this fun yet sophisticated hair coloring trend, you should seek the advice of an expert salon stylist. Professional colorists know how to mix the perfect shades of red for your skin tone. They can also apply the color skillfully so that the gorgeous chunks of color are more intense by your face yet are also balanced throughout your entire head of hair.

Trend Four: Keep it Curly and Color Dusted

Naturally curly hair, the curlier the better, is a hot trend for spring 2014 as is color dusting your curls with a fine sprinkle of red highlights. Hair highlighting salons are able to paint your curls with a subtle touch of red to add a vibrant appearance to your already amazing curls.

Color your World

Hair coloring is both an art and a science, so it’s often difficult to achieve the color you want at home. Salon stylists are able to help you choose the color that best suits your complexion and personality. Stylists recommend that you keep your natural hair, whether straight or curly, but use a pop of red hair color to transform your look. So, get ready for red in your future. It’s the hottest trend for spring.

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