Halle Berry Pregnant Again At 46

Halle Berry is pregnant with her second child to fiance, Olivier Martinez. Although Berry’s representatives won’t give anything away, sources close to the couple say that Berry is expecting a boy and is 3 months pregnant. This is her first pregnancy to Olivier Martinez and she is delighted. The couple have been engaged since December 2011.

halle berry pregnant

Last year, Berry said that she was happy she had her first baby, Nahla when she was over 40. Berry believes that she is a far better mother now she is older, than when she was younger. When she was younger, Berry described herself as just trying to figure things out and feeling comfortable in her skin.

Berry’s daughter, Nahla is five years old and will enjoy having a brother as a play mate. Berry is 46 years old and has faced negative Internet comments about her age and the fact that she is pregnant again. She told people to stop giving her a hard time, because she’s a much better mother now she is older.

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