Halle Berry To Accuse Ex-Husband Of Child Endangerment

Supermodel accuses ex-husband of child endangerment Just the case has always been over the years, controversy seems to surround every celebrity’s life. This time round Halle Berry has moved to court to file a case where she accuses her ex-husband of child endangerment.  This case is just a representation of the many that are related to celebrities as accused and complainants across the world.

This time round Halle Berry went to court to seek the court ruling that her ex-husband be restricted from seeing his or well, her three year old daughter. She needs this decision made clear so that there is no personal contact between the two parties until the child endangerment charges she had placed earlier be analyzed and a proper verdict of the case produced.  This is to last until the ex-husband completes the investigations cycle. Halle Berry accuses her ex-husband of insulting her racially and allegedly pushing her when they were strolling with her little queen. 

The charges against Halle Berry’s ex-husband are tied to criminal battery and also child endangerment for that matter.  Autry is claimed to have tried to batter Halle Berry.  The investigations into the case are being conducted by the LAPD and County Department Dealing with children and family services.  The child and family department is vested with the responsibility of investigating the child endangerment claims. This is like the core of this case actually.  It is also reported that the ex yelled and threw insults at her when the child was present.

This is also another major charge that Autry is facing.  On the other hand, Autry had restricted the family and yelled at Nahla, Berry’s daughter for a number of times. He really scared her and made her cry.  It is also claimed that Nahla had rash and the father refused to pay up for her medication.  There are people however who think that Halle Berry is just much interested in her baby rather than the ex. This might be a ploy to take him down. Protecting the child is also a great priority in this case.

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