Halle Berry To Quit Acting Career:The Points She Missed

Halle Berry, one of Hollywood’s greats is reportedly to quit acting according to celebrity gossip site PerezHilton.

The decision is supposedly meant to protect her daughter from the negative effects of her celebrity status.

One would wonder what career the star is looking to quit from considering that she has featured on the big screen only a few times in recent years.

Halle’s critics will definitely be of the opinion that her career ended a long time ago but she just had not realized it.

More importantly however, the Hollywood star seems to be missing the point when she says that she wants to quit because her fame is detrimental to her daughter’s upbringing.

Halle seems to be running away from the fact that her never-ending wars with her daughter’s father Gabriel are to blame for her daughter Nahla’s unstable upbringing.

halle berry quit acting

The beautiful actress had planned to relocate to France on a permanent basis but was barred from doing so by a court of law.

Relocating to France was to be her way of taming the tabloids that keep tabs on her life. Perhaps Halle thinks there are no tabloids in France.

Again, the Hollywood star seems not to understand that ‘once a celebrity, always a celebrity’.

The media will always be interested in her life no matter where she chooses to relocate to.

Her move to quit will not automatically erase her from people’s minds. It could possibly even fuel greater interest in her and her daughter’s life.

People will want to know what her life is like now that she is no longer in Hollywood and the media will always be there to feed people with this information.

Halle’s idea of quitting may not have been well thought out. It may not give her the break she is looking for and it definitely won’t guarantee a better upbringing for her daughter so long as she is fighting with the girl’s father

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