Heidi Klum Admits She’s Wild And Crazy in Bedroom

Heidi Klum, 39, former supermodel from Victoria’s Secrets, covers the last issue (February) of Marie Claire’s magazine. And boy, she looks even more amazing then ever! But, more than the pictures, what’s really interesting is the interview one can read within the magazine.

She literally talks about everything! She talks about the divorce she went through last year when she separated from Seal (the famous 49 years old R&B singer and songwriter) after seven years of marriage, but also about the new relation she has with her own bodyguard, Martin Kirsten. She talks about her career plans (all related with her current position as host of the Project Runway show), but also about the possibility to get married again in the future.

heidi klum marie claire 2013

Heck, she even talks about Michele Obama and Donatella Versace. But clearly the best part is the one where she talks about the way she likes things to happen in bedroom and there is the place where Heidi Klum really admits that she likes wild and crazy things when it comes about her sex live.

Really, she talks about everything! And, no doubt, it’s one of the most interesting interviews I’ve read in years. I definitely recommend reading it!

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